Southside Board Games


For some people, mentioning "board games" produces a collective groan. We can all think back to that 5 hour game of Monopoly where you watched your cash pile slowly being drained with no chance of a comeback.

The games we play are different! We mostly play Euro games, which are generally quite well-balanced so that no one gets too far ahead, and no one is left too far behind. Some other reasons why we love Euro games are:

  • Balance of strategy and luck
  • Good length of time (anything from 30 mins to 2 hours)
  • Simple rules
  • No player elimination so everyone plays till the end
  • Player interaction so you are not just waiting for your next turn
  • Visually appealing artwork and game components

Interested? Come along and join us at our next gaming night!

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, we're always looking for new players and new games. If you have never played before, we are happy to teach you.

All ages welcomed
Free of charge

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